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August 10, 2009

Ricoh SD card reader unable to read SDHC card

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So there’s this old laptop with a SD card reader which I come across yesterday.

Ricoh SD Bus Host Adapter driver is installed by default.

So yesterday I had my camera with me and I thought I would try using the laptop to read my Kingston 8GB SDHC card.

I plugged it into the SD card reader. Windows XP identified the device as “SD/MMC” and I see it under “Devices with Removable Storage” in My Computer. However, when I tried to access it, it asked me to “insert a disk”.

I encountered a similar situation before where I tried to access a microSD card plugged into an adapter (converting it to SD form). I thought my 8GB SDHC card was not plugged in properly.

But however I tried, the same thing happens. Windows even identify the file system as RAW.

Then suddenly I remembered about SD and SDHC. I knew their differences all along and I had totally forgotten about it. I thought it could be a driver issue, since the laptop was quite old.

I did Google searches, but it had to take me quite a few results to get to what I want: an updated driver with support for SDHC. One result suggested to switch the driver to a Microsoft one, which didn’t have any effect (at least from what I see). Another even recommended to get a new card reader to read SDHC, and I know there’s no need for that because all it takes is a driver update.


I was right. Google led me to this result after a while, which then led me to this blog post. I downloaded the updated Ricoh driver, the version without the executable (I’m used to updating drivers manually). It’s for Dell, and the laptop I was using was a Compaq, but I thought there won’t be any problems since both of them use Ricoh.

I was right. I updated the driver, and did a restart.

Windows XP identified the card.


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